Navigating Parts

This Wiki is organized into three parts that mirror your process in using the platform as a PEER registry sponsor: Getting Started, Registry Development, and Registry Management.

  1. Getting Started With PEER: This is the section you are currently in. Here, you'll learn about the structure of PEER's Wiki documentation, about your responsibilities as a PEER sponsor, and about who to contact for support.
  2. Registry Development: This section covers documentation on developing registry content, and on implementing registry content using PEER's content management system, PEER for Research.
  3. Registry Management: This section covers documentation for ongoing management of your registry. Learn how to access registry data and do follow up with your participants using PEER for Research.

These three parts can be accessed from the home page, by clicking on the "Site navigation" tab on the top menu, or from the side menu on the right side of each page. Each wiki part also consists of multiple sections. At the start of each part we'll give you an overview of what these sections are. For instance, on the previous page, you learned that the "Getting Started" part will cover the following sections:

  • The structure of the wiki documentation,
  • What to expect when building your registry, and
  • Who to contact for support.

You can always get back to this initial page with its list of sections by using the page tree located at the top of a given page. This is what the page tree for this page looks like:


Click on the first page listed in orange (the tree's "root") to go back to a part's home page. In sections consisting of multiple pages, you'll also be able to use this tree to navigate back to the first section page.

Navigating Sections

Within a given wiki part you can go through sections in order or skip from one section to another according to your needs. While steps in a given section must generally be completed in order, it's possible to work through multiple sections simultaneously. However, it's important that you always review all of the information within each section. Do not skip ahead to another part of the wiki if you aren't already familiar with the information in the parts that come before. To find a list of all the sections within each section, use the tree roots (the orange links shown above) to navigate back to the part's introductory page. If you would like to see sections across all the parts, you can do so by looking at the list of all pages in this Wiki.

Navigating Pages

Within the various pages, you may sometimes see information panels like the one below:

This info panel defines terms or provides additional descriptions.

This info panel provides examples of what is being discussed.

This info panel is an FYI, and provides important items for you to note.

This info panel is a checkpoint for you to perform a specific action before moving onto the next section.

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