You are welcome to review the following example applications and plans from other organizations using PEER.

PXE International*

Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorders Foundation*

*Member of the Community Enagaged Network for All (CENA)

NOTE: both examples go more in-depth in their outreach plans than is strictly necessary. The very specific contact lists in the JS-LIFE application from the Joubert Syndrome & Related Disorders Foundation (JSRDF), and the very detailed communications plans in the PXE HELP application from PXE International are not fully necessary. They're simply examples of how those organizations used the outreach plan requirement for their various needs. JSRDF has a small medical community, and for them the plan also served to expand their reach. Many individuals with PXE also have low vision, and so PXE International put together a very detailed for volunteer “Survey Navigators”, who had agreed to help participants with low vision take the survey.